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The Change of the Stock Audio Systems

Written by the Merchandise Development Team
Wednesday, 20 February 2013, 10:30

Back to more than 20 years ago, if somebody said that a high-end stock audio system performed just as good as a brilliant aftermarket system in aspects such as the sound quality and features, people would think that he did not know well enough of the aftermarket wholesale car audio system. Or he was just considered to have not even experienced a truly great original car audio system. We could hardly test or evaluate again how the stock audio system of two decades ago performs, but our past experience and the comments of the car owners of that period could tell us the truth, which showed that a great aftermarket wholesale car audio system was much better than the original car audio system.

This situation changed a lot with the development of the car industry and the fierce competition between the automakers. Nowadays, some optional premium stock audio systems perform better than some aftermarket wholesale car audio systems. Even some standard original car audio systems are better than the aftermarket ones. To improve their own competitive edges, some automakers took a lot of efforts on closing the gap with the aftermarket suppliers, especially with high-end car brands. However, the aftermarket wholesale car audio systems still providing the ultimate in features, flexibility and sound quality, which is the ongoing trend for the car audio systems. Take the RCD 030+ for example; its built-in amplifier is good enough for many car music listeners, though it leaves some space for improvement for the music enthusiasts.

Many years ago, the original car audio system only plays limited music formats. The early popular format on the stock audio system is the cassette, and then the CD appears as an alternative format on the car. However, the music media developed very fast in the past few years. The aftermarket wholesale car audio systems are always keeping themselves up-to-date, and can play almost all music formats. These features show their competitive edges against the stock audio system. This is one of the key reasons that a car owner will prefer an aftermarket system. However, the original car audio system closed the gap in the past several years. Take the RCD 510 for example, this stereo is a 6-CD changer, and allows music formats of MP3 and WMA. The RCN 210 and RCD 510+ also play these music formats.

One of the reasons that the aftermarket wholesale car audio systems are so popular because these systems provide many functions and features. For example, car owners are interested in the car USB functions provided by these systems. Back to several years ago, the stock audio systems did not support such functions. However, in recent years, the automakers added this function to their original audio systems. Take the RCD 030+ and RCD 510+ for examples. These head units are all built with the car USB functions.

The Bluetooth function is another advantage of the aftermarket wholesale car audio systems. Car owners fancy the idea that they can answer their mobile phones through the head unit and hand free. Many aftermarket systems are available with this function. The Bluetooth function also allows people to play music through their phones or MP3 players, and let the head unit to control the playing. This is a very favorable and convenient, method for drivers. In the past, not many stock audio systems have this function. At present many original car audio systems are either built-in with this function, or is compatible with an OEM Bluetooth module. For example, the RCN 210 is built-in with the Bluetooth function; while the RCD 030+, RCD 510+ and RCD 510 all are compatible with the OEM Bluetooth module. By adding this module, these head units can also support Bluetooth functions.

In the most recent years, the original car audio systems improved a lot. They are built with many latest functions and features, which help these head units rival out the aftermarket ones. When upgrading the audio systems, the car owner is recommended to compare the stock audio system upgrade options and the aftermarket ones.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 February 2013, 21:30