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Online Shopping Bonanza for Car Audio Products

Written by the Domestic Sales Team
Wednesday, 20 February 2013, 7:30

The Car Audio Group’s domestic retail sales of the stock stereo products increased a lot in the last January. The total sales amount in January increased more than 85% compared with the figures in the December.

The great increase on the domestic retail car audio products is not normal for the company, as the domestic market only accounts for a tiny percentage of the group’s total sales.

The big sales record was mainly attracted to the sales event in January, the New Year Holiday. Most car audio products with the car USB function were sold on that single day.

“We are trying to develop the domestic market of the retail car audio products, especially those units with the car USB function.” Joseph said, a senior officer in the Car Audio Group. “The current domestic consuming capability in China is strong. We cannot miss this market opportunity any longer.”

According to Joseph, the company already made promotional plans for the stock stereo products in the early December, in an attempt to attract more online shoppers in China.

“The New Year Holiday provided a big sales extravaganza for the retail car audio products.” Joseph said. “The sales event on that single day is very popular to the online shoppers in China.”

The sales event was initiated by most e-commercial companies in China, trying to boom the online sales figures in January. The Car Audio Group seized the opportunity, and they made promotional campaign of the stock stereo products with the car USB function to attract more online shoppers.

The sales record showed that this campaign was very successful, as the company sold a lot of car audio products on that single day. “Our shipping team had to work over night to ship the retail car audio orders.” Joseph said. “The sales effect was much better than what we had expected, and our teams were all working busily with the domestic online orders.”

“The feedbacks from the online shoppers showed that they were expecting more selection on the stock stereo with the car USB function.” Joseph said. “For this promotional campaign, we added only a small selection on the high-end products, because this is the very first time for us to do such a big sales promotion.”

According to Joseph, they were planning to put more high-end products, such as those stock stereo with the car USB function to join the next promotional campaign. The company is putting efforts to boom the domestic retail car audio sales.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 February 2013, 18:30