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    3. Car Audio Exportation to India Drops
    4. Car Audio Group Plans to Make New Car Audio for Green Vehicles
    5. New Lending Guidelines Benefit the Car Audio Group
    6. SMEs in Shanghai Urge on More Supporting Policies
    7. Innovation on Car Audio Products on Demand due to New standards for C-NCAP
    8. Car Audio Makers Expect the Prospect as China Remained Largest Auto Sales Market
    9. New Tax Law Will Be Implemented on Automotive in China
    10. A New Business Model for an Original Car Audio
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    2. Knowledge Sharing
      1. The Change of the Stock Audio Systems
      2. Upgrade the Factory-installed Car Audio System
      3. Are You Mild or Wild on the Car Radio System?
      4. Building the Car Audio System upon Your Car, Your Needs and Your Budget
      5. Determining What Type of Car Audio Listener You Are
      6. An Easy Guide of Car Audio System Upgrade
      7. A Beginner’s Guide to Choose a Satisfactory Power Amplifier
      8. Car Audio System Upgrade Knowledge for Beginners
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      1. The USB / AUX Solutions of the Volkswagen OEM Car Audio
      2. The USB / AUX Solutions of the Toyota OEM Car Audio
      3. Installation Guides for Nissan March Original Car Audio
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