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Car Audio System Upgrade Knowledge for Beginners

Written by the Merchandise Development Team
Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 11:30

In terms of the car audio system upgrade, the head unit, the power amplifier and the speakers is an organism. They supplement, restrict and promote each other. Understanding the basic knowledge of these three elements will help a beginner achieve expected good results on the car stereo modification or upgrade. The upgraded car audio system will bring a person fresh and astounding feeling, if the respective characteristics of each above element are taken into consideration in the phase of the car audio system upgrade design.

People that need to modify or upgrade their car stereo systems are mostly fanciers with strict requirements on the musical effects of a car radio. Before the upgrading process, these fanciers are supposed to know the Cask principle.

During the selection process of the head unit, the power amplifier and the speakers to match each other, people may choose the parts according to their own style. However, the balance of the three major parts is also needed to be paid attention to, as the Cask principle will limit the final output effects of the car radio system.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 19:30

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A Beginner’s Guide to Choose a Satisfactory Power Amplifier

Written by Research & Development Team
Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 10:30

The car audio, serving as a mobile concert hall, has turned the solitary trip to an enjoyable experience. For the most of us when facing the metallic equipments, we shall be deeply attracted by the unique magnetic properties of a car stereo, no matter whether we are car audio enthusiasts or not. However, to the majority of the people, perhaps, how to choose a satisfactory car stereo is a difficult topic.

As what we introduced in the previous section, the three major components of a car radio are the unit head, the power amplifier and the speakers. In this section, we will focus on tips on the power amplifier selection of a car audio system.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 17:30

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An Easy Guide of Car Audio System Upgrade

Written by the Merchandise Development Team
Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 13:30

The car audio products are not just consumer goods, but it also reflects the personality and taste of an individual. People that drive fancy cars do not necessarily have a high enough music tastes and preferences, nor have the ability to appreciate the beauty of the music. However, for those music enthusiasts, they have higher requirements for the music and enjoy the passion of music. The investment in the car audio system upgrade is also generous to these people.

When talking about the car radio, the most popular topic is about the modification or upgrade on the car stereo system. The very fist step of the car radio system upgrade is to choose a head unit, replacing the cassette with CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, etc. There are not many skills or technology on the head unit selection, but mainly focusing on the product quality and the preferences of the users, and the head unit can be installed in any store of car parts.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 22:30

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Determining What Type of Car Audio Listener You Are

Written by the Research & Development Team
Money, 9 April 2012, 8:30

Right before you start to make some changes to your original auto audio system, you had better know what type of car audio listener you are. In other words, you need to identify how you would like the car tunes.

Enjoying the car audio has been always a happy experience for a car stereo fan. To some degrees, the car is your private concert hall. You can play your favorite music there; you can adjust to the most extreme parameters to the tunes; you can play the music as loud as possible, as long as others are not disturbed. People know the important roles that the car radio systems play, when it is a traffic jam on the road.

Last Updated on Money, 9 April 2012, 21:30

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Building the Car Audio System upon Your Car, Your Needs and Your Budget

Written by the Merchandise Development Team
Thursday, 17 May 2012, 15:30

It is always fantastic to dream about your future car audio system without consideration on the real situations. However, when we implement our plan on the system, we will face a cruel fact that the plan is influenced by the car’s characteristics and our actual needs. What’s worse, our budget may say no to what we plan to do.

In the initial step to make the wholesale car audio upgrade plan, we need to take your car, your needs and your budget into consideration, alongside with the grand expectations. Otherwise, it will end up with problems such as that the subwoofer is too big to fit in the car.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 May 2012, 16:30

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