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Upgrade the Factory-installed Car Audio System

Written by the Research & Development Team (R&D)
Tuesday, 2 October 2012, 10:30

If you are not wild for the car audio system, you can improve your current car stereo system with only a little alteration on your car. You can simply keep your factory-installed head unit, and install some aftermarket components such as subwoofers and amplifiers. In this way, you may not spend too much on the entire stock audio system upgrade, but can improve the system to a favorable level. For example, the head unit RCD 510 is great enough for a car owner to keep. So the car owner may only replace the amplifiers and speakers for a better music experience.

Conversely, you may keep your factory-installed speakers and amplifiers, but replace the wholesale car audio on your car. This way is simpler for a car owner who does not have the great skills on the entire car audio system upgrade, as he can replace the stock audio by himself very easily. For example, replacing the RCD 300 with the RCD 510 will not be a difficult job to a car owner. Furthermore, it gives the owner the option to add auxiliary devices for his wholesale car audio system later.

Actually there are some options for upgrading your factory-installed car stereo system. First, you should determine if you are striving for better sound on your car audio. If yes, the cheapest and easiest way is to replace the factory speakers with higher quality aftermarket speakers. Many third-party manufacturers produce speakers that are specially designed for the stock audio system, and you can drop in these speakers without any modification. This practice often improves your wholesale car audio system a lot, as the factory-installed car stereo system always offers high quality head unit such as the RCD 510, but poor performing speakers. Even some cheap aftermarket speakers can offer better sound quality than the ones in the factory-installed car stereo system.

When mentioning a wholesale car audio, many people think of the head unit device only, which is installed in the dash with buttons and a display, such as the RCD 510 on a Volkswagen car. However, the head unit is only a part of the whole car stereo system, although it plays the major part of the stock audio system. It generates the audio signal and allows several music formats for your choice. In addition, it servers as an user interface to display what is playing in the car audio, and accepts your control on the volume, etc.

The factory-installed head unit sends the signals to either the speakers directly or to the amplifiers to boost the signals. Nowadays, the latest stock audio performs such functions very well and is becoming more difficult to be replaced due to the special appearance. What is more, such car stereo like the RCD 510 provide the interface to control other functions of the car. Therefore, considering the quality and functions of the original wholesale car audio, it is not necessary to replace the factory-installed car audio in the cars at all.

It is important and necessary for a car owner to understand the OEM upgrade options, as the latest trend in the car audio industry becomes more difficult to replace the factory-installed head unit. Therefore, a more practical way is to leave the stock audio intact and replace components such as speakers and amplifiers. More and more car owners prefer to keep their original car stereo unchanged and just install some drop-in speakers. For example, they may add better speakers for the RCD 510 without replacing it. Suppliers also design more components to support the wholesale car audio system upgrade.

Generally speaking, the factory-installed head unit such as the RCD 510 generates high-level outputs that can directly drive speakers. However, a normal amplifier requires low-level signal. That is why it is often easier to install aftermarket speakers on your cars than the amplifiers. At present, there are some amplifiers that allow both high-level and low-level signals. With these products, it is not difficult to add amplifiers to your stock audio system.

However, sometimes to upgrade the original car stereo system is not an easy job, as the wholesale car audio system may be connected with other control of the car. So if you are not sure about your OEM car audio system, you have better have your car audio retailer or local dealer to upgrade it.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 2 October 2012, 16:30