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Are You Mild or Wild on the Car Radio System?

Written by the Customer Business Development Team
Thursday, 13 September 2012, 09:30

For many people, the car radio, or the head unit, is not only about sound, but it is also about appearance. Just like a chrome wheel, you install such a thing on your wheel do not aim at upgrading the speed of the car, but you just want to make your car good looking. Such things make the fancy appearance of your car and let other people know that you care about you car. It is a normal practice for people to install the fancy car audio system in your car, which will accompany peoples for years.

If you want to install a trendy car stereo system in your car, just do it, as long as it is trade-off. To make a balance between things is very important when you design your own flashy auto radio system. You are recommended not to install the functions that you will never use, or just duplicate. For example, if your head unit allows a direct car USB input, you might not think installing a digital CD changer in the whole car audio system. This is of course to save money, as we can put this saved money into some more useful parts of the car radio system. We should spend money at where we actually needed.

The most frequent use of your car may also be taken into consideration when you think about the car stereo system upgrade. If you car is mostly used in your own daily commuting, then it will not be a problem for a flashy auto radio system installed in your car. However, if your car is mostly used to haul people and other things every day, then the complicated car audio system may not be practical, as such a system with the car USB function may take too much space in the car.

You may consider installing a huge car stereo system with a flashy head unit into your personal car. You may install big speakers on the custom door and the rear-deck panels, to turn your car into a music showcase. In addition, several amps are put in the floor and some subwoofers are installed under the rear deck. Other additional functions are also installed in the small space of the car, such as a car USB input and a digital CD changer. Such a plan on the car radio system upgrade is great and awesome. It is always good to have a personal car with a veritable auto radio showcase, especially when this car audio system is charming enough to attract friends to see it and listen to it.

However, such a celebrity car stereo system will not be competent in a family car. You will soon find such additional accessories like the car USB kit take too much space of your car. You may find it difficult to put the BBQ kit or the baby stroller in the rear deck because of the huge car radio gear. You may tend to think the whole auto radio system with a luxury head unit is impractical at all, and you begin to see the importance of the trade-off.

You can see both sides of the coin. You can go with a wild car audio system with a showy head unit and favorable functions like a car USB input. However, a much more discreet car radio system or a mild auto radio system may also achieve the same car stereo purposes, and at the same time can meet your other uses of the car. It is great to have a celebrity car with an outstanding car audio system, but your personal car is more than just a music showcase by all means. It is a part of the life of you and your family.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 13 September 2012, 16:30