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New-energy Vehicle Expansion in Shenzhen Urges on New Car Audio Products

Written by the Global Marketing Team
Monday, 2 April 2012, 11:30

Recently the Shenzhen city launched a plan to increase the total number of new-energy vehicles. These vehicles are all used for public services.

Speaking at a municipal people’s conference, the city’s mayor told the media that 2000 green vehicles will serve in the city in 2012.

Right in 2011, the city has already put a lot of effort to promote the new-energy vehicles, and by the end of last year, over 3000 green vehicles were driven on the city’s roads.

Joseph Lee from the Car Audio Group said that this was a great opportunity for a car stereo supplier to make new models of these increasingly popular cars.

According to Joseph, Shenzhen is one of the 25 pilot cities to join the green vehicle campaign in China. Besides the public services, more and more people are buying the new-energy vehicles to protect the environment.

However, the current car stereo products were now specially designed for these new cars. Joseph and his team are now focusing on making new designs to meet the needs of this new market. In Joseph’s idea, green car buyers will prefect new features in the specially designed car radio products, and this is the only workable strategy to earn a bigger market share of such green vehicles.

The sales trend for the new-energy vehicle is increasing according to Joseph, and he forecasted that the number of people choosing the green vehicles would increase in this year. A governmental policy lent support to Joseph. A favorable policy will be launched to offer subsidies as high as 120,000 yuan to green vehicle buyers in five of the pilot cities, and Shenzhen is the one of the five cities.

New models of car radio products are in demand. Joseph thought they would focus on the panel design and general features at the first stage of a car radio improvement. Their concentration was on how to make the new car audio products different from the current ones.

The new-energy vehicle campaign in China was set to have more than 500000 on the road by 2015 and 5 million by 2020. With this great consumption on cars, car stereo suppliers will be able to earn a good business in the near future.

Joseph said people would like the new designs of car radio products of these green vehicles, and he believed the current high price of petrol would encourage the buyers to buy new cars. Then this will bring great business opportunity for a car radio manufacturer.

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Last Updated on Monday, 2 April 2012, 23:30