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More Supporting Policies for Car Audio Industry on Demand

Written by the Strategic Planning Team
Thursday, 23 February 2012, 7:30

SMEs in China are facing with difficult times due to the current weakening global demand. This is also true to the car audio industry. What is worse, labor costs and materials costs are increasing in China, which make the situation even harder for SMEs.

To solve the current difficult situation, lawmakers in Shanghai urged on more supporting policies for SMEs. Deputies of different industries are invited to get together to describe their concerns.

In the Shanghai People’s Congress, deputies suggested that more favorable policies are supposed to be launched by the government, including bank loans, tax cut, etc. These measures will help build an easier business environment for SMEs. Manufacturers of car audio, car stereo, car radio and auto radio will of course benefit from these measures.

“We need not only more bank loans but also favorable supporting policies to build a better business environment,” Joseph Lee said, a senior officer of the Car Audio Group at “As a car audio supplier of car stereo, car radio and auto radio, we are now facing great difficulties in the international trading.”

Deputies from the garment industry lent support to Joseph. They pointed out that they don’t need huge bank loans but they need the government to offer favorable policies to support their business.

“A good business environment is vital to all SMEs,” Joseph said. “Now the situation is very difficult, as orders are weakening. Without the help of the supporting policies, car audio manufacturers of car stereo, car radio and auto radio will have difficulties in maintaining the business.”

According to some deputies, SMEs have been waiting for months to get approvals for new offices and warehouse building. The low efficiency influenced the business greatly.

“A new warehouse or logistic center is critical to our business success as a original car audio supplier of car stereo, car radio and auto radio,” Joseph said. “It will be important to our business if the approval procedure can be shortened.”

Deputies of the e-commerce industry pointed out that they were neglected, and they need supporting policies urgently.

Joseph, as well as other deputies believed that the supporting policies would help them develop the business under the current severe situation.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 23 February 2012, 14:30