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Determining What Type of Car Audio Listener You Are

Written by the Research & Development Team
Money, 9 April 2012, 8:30

Right before you start to make some changes to your original car audio system, you had better know what type of car audio listener you are. In other words, you need to identify how you would like the car tunes.

Enjoying the car audio has been always a happy experience for a car stereo fan. To some degrees, the car is your private concert hall. You can play your favorite music there; you can adjust to the most extreme parameters to the tunes; you can play the music as loud as possible, as long as others are not disturbed. People know the important roles that the car radio systems play, when it is a traffic jam on the road.

So knowing what type of music listener of you is the initial point of a car audio system upgrade. Do you know what exactly you are? Do you like the rock music? Or do you prefer to hear subtle tunes? Or do you love to feel the chest-beating by the bass drum? Perhaps, you just want your car stereo systems do all the above things for you. Unlike the past, now the auto radio systems can nearly do whatever you chose, which is cool for a car radio fan.

So to decide what type of car stereo listener you are, you need to answer the below questions: 1) what kind of music listener you are; 2) how you would like to listen to the music; 3) what type of media options you required.

1. What kind of music listener you are.

As we mentioned in the previous sections, people may have different musical tastes. Some may prefer the rap songs; others may love a perfect solo. Most people may have a wide-ranging selection of the musical tastes. They like to listen to rock music, and also enjoy the subtle sound of a symphony. So at the very first step, we need to identify these parameters of your own tastes. These parameters will be taken into consideration when planning a car stereo system of your own.

2. How you would like to listen to the music.

After deciding what types of music that you would like to play with your auto radio system, the next step is to identify how you would like to listen to them. You should consider the situation that you play the music for a lonely daily commute, or you just play the music when you are out with friends and families. In other words, you prefer a private enjoy on your car audio system or share it with your passengers. For most people, a balance between the two may be more practical.

3. What type of media options you prefer.

Determining the selection of media options is the next step. Do you prefer to keep all your music on an iPod or other MP3 players? Or CDs are the mostly used channel. Some people are FM radio fans that they always stick to the FM radio, or AM talk radio. Nowadays, there are more music formats for auto radio fans. With the rapid improvement in technology of media options, the USB input or SD card slots are supported in the car radio system. You may also burn a lot of MP3 and WAM tracks on a single CD, so that you don’t need to keep a lot of CDs in your car. The Bluetooth or other wireless technology is becoming available on the latest models of car stereo systems.

Knowing the above three questions will help to get the critical parameters for planning a car audio system. In addition to these parameters, a car stereo fan may also move a further step on any future plan. You currently planned system is supposed to be compatible for a future upgrades, so that you don’t need to shut out from using new technology.

In the final step, a car stereo can serve as an extension of the personality of an original auto radio fan. People may try their best to create the music systems just like how they customize their cars. So when changing the auto radio system, it is about adjusting or upgrading a system that produces the music in the way you prefer, play your own media selection and looks in your favorite way.

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Last Updated on Money, 9 April 2012, 21:30