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Building the Car Audio System upon Your Car, Your Needs and Your Budget

Written by the Merchandise Development Team
Thursday, 17 May 2012, 15:30

It is always fantastic to dream about your future car audio system without consideration on the real situations. However, when we implement our plan on the system, we will face a cruel fact that the plan is influenced by the car’s characteristics and our actual needs. What’s worse, our budget may say no to what we plan to do.

In the initial step to make the car stereo upgrade plan, we need to take your car, your needs and your budget into consideration, alongside with the grand expectations. Otherwise, it will end up with problems such as that the subwoofer is too big to fit in the car.

1. Knowing your own needs.

Shopping for a retail car audio system is very similar to buying something else. We all have the experience that we bought something and later found we did not need it at all. Basically we want to be sure that we spend money on exactly what we need. We may keep fantasizing about the latest and greatest car stereo system, and consequently, it is easy to overspend on a system with features that you will never use.

We always emphasize that the listening habits and media preferences are important to the selection of a retail car stereo system. You should choose the right things for your cars and yourself. For example, it might be cool to have a head unit that can display thousands of different colors, but you should think about whether this extra function is worthy of the extra money you are going to pay. Furthermore, you should also consider whether those special features of the car audio system are of your own taste. If not, you might not spend a penny on them.

2. Knowing your car.

Firstly, you need to take your car’s free space into consideration. You may want to install bulky amplifiers and subwoofers in your car; however, sometimes it is not realistic. This is due to the limited space in the car. A plan to install the 18-inch subwoofers with amplifiers in the car sounds a good idea, but such a plan will occupy huge space of your car, which will end up with the fact that your car cannot transport your family, tools or groceries. A head unit with a well designed panel may bring the trendy elements in your car, but such panel may be big and cannot fit in the console of the car.

Secondly, you need to consider how long your car will be with you. If you only want to keep your car for a few years, you might need to consider that the custom wholesale car audio system may detract from the value of a car, as the potential buyers may not be interested in your car due to the retail car audio upgrade. This is especially true at the dealer level. The car traders do not want to see many non-factory authorized accessories installed in the car. They will consider that such accessories harm the car. On the other hand, if you plan to keep your car for a long time or even for your life, you can go crazy to make your car become a perfect mobile music hall.

3. Knowing your budget.

We can have a great plan of our wholesale car stereo system upgrade. Many enthusiasts often go to great length to write down their plan on the paper, with all their imagination of the retail car stereo system. Some people may even consider buying an ultimate head unit to cover all the available features. However, when it comes down to the payment, we all need to be realistic as our financial status may not allow us to go too far away.

It is important to remember that you should plan what you can afford. One of the great things about the wholesale car audio is that you don’t need to upgrade everything at a time. You can upgrade the whole system bit by bit. A common plan is to upgrade a head unit first, and then the aftermarket speakers and amplifiers later on. If you decide to upgrade the whole system at once, it is recommended to allocate your budget wisely. If you spend too much on a superb head unit, the amplifiers and speakers will have a smaller budget. Most likely, you will have to replace the amplifiers and speakers of the wholesale car stereo system in the future, which is wasteful.

There is no perfect formula for the budget allocation of a car audio system, but below is a general guideline on the ratio that you can follow to allocate the funds. The ratios are 40%:30%:20%:10% for the amplifiers, the speakers, the head unit and the accessories.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 17 May 2012, 16:30